Thursday, 26 June 2008

Frieda / Ronnie SWap

Look what the postman brought last week , a wonderful package from Frieda ( Sheknitsallday ), this is our special swap to make up for all of the times when we didn't get our package from our upstream partners . I met Frieda through Monkey Sock Swap 3 and the e-mails have been going backwards and forwards ever since.
I am totally in love with the shawl, and it has beads knitted in on the edge , and the other things in the package couldn't have been better , The Yarn Harlot's latest book, signed for me ! The flat feet yarn is so brilliant , knitted straight off the stockinette, and no winding . Freida put a note on the knitpick needles saying that a girl could never have enough , strangely enough I agree LOL .
The trinket tray is really cure, oh I forgot , there are 3 sock patterns for the flat feet yarn , the blue wooden needle holder is so tactile , and the yarn , oh the yarn , it is blue moon shade Thraven , I have found just the pattern for it

I found this pattern the other day , it is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl , by Sivia Harding, this brown shawl was knitted from 1 x 100gms skein of merino/alpaca blend by Pear Tree Australia , I got it in a swap , it is beautifully soft and I cannot believe that I got all of that knitting fom one skein. I am going to knit this pattern with the Thraven that Frieda sent , it is just what I want for Winter.

We have been out and about for the past few days getting the last (Hopefully) bits and pieces for the money pit ,oh , and the paint . W thought that it should be british racing green , but , excuse me, it is MY car isn't it ? The red paint looks glorious ...........


Blogger Dotty said...

What a lovely swap package! And you got some flat feet. Isn't that neat to knit with? The shawl is lovely. You're a lucky girl. I think you'll look great in your red car.

26 June 2008 at 16:52  

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