Thursday, 26 June 2008

This is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl that should have been in the last post , but the photo got lost somehow, it is a really easy knit once you get ito the pattern, I think it will look beautiful in Thraven . Frieda sent me a skein of Mountain Colours Bearfoot in the colourway Winter Sky for the Monkey Sock Swap 3, it was always far too beautiful to be knitted into socks and hidden away , and this is now half way to being a grown up Diamond Fantasy , hopefully W will take a photo of it when it is finished, although at the moment, with the money pit coming together and him spending every spare moment in the workshop , I have to promise the earth to get him behind a camera ....... maybe if I get a belly dancing costume ? sorry , the thought is making me laugh too much to carry on typing .

Frieda / Ronnie SWap

Look what the postman brought last week , a wonderful package from Frieda ( Sheknitsallday ), this is our special swap to make up for all of the times when we didn't get our package from our upstream partners . I met Frieda through Monkey Sock Swap 3 and the e-mails have been going backwards and forwards ever since.
I am totally in love with the shawl, and it has beads knitted in on the edge , and the other things in the package couldn't have been better , The Yarn Harlot's latest book, signed for me ! The flat feet yarn is so brilliant , knitted straight off the stockinette, and no winding . Freida put a note on the knitpick needles saying that a girl could never have enough , strangely enough I agree LOL .
The trinket tray is really cure, oh I forgot , there are 3 sock patterns for the flat feet yarn , the blue wooden needle holder is so tactile , and the yarn , oh the yarn , it is blue moon shade Thraven , I have found just the pattern for it

I found this pattern the other day , it is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl , by Sivia Harding, this brown shawl was knitted from 1 x 100gms skein of merino/alpaca blend by Pear Tree Australia , I got it in a swap , it is beautifully soft and I cannot believe that I got all of that knitting fom one skein. I am going to knit this pattern with the Thraven that Frieda sent , it is just what I want for Winter.

We have been out and about for the past few days getting the last (Hopefully) bits and pieces for the money pit ,oh , and the paint . W thought that it should be british racing green , but , excuse me, it is MY car isn't it ? The red paint looks glorious ...........

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina Back Home

Not sure what is I was looking at here, just pleased to have this little beauty back home. My daughter 'borrowed' this several weeks ago , and it has been like getting blood out of a stone to get it back . Although I love it to pieces, the shetland wool is so scratchy , and I am now knitting another , but using Rowan 4ply merino which is behaving itself beautifully and should be infinitely more wearable than the ' brillo ' pad one .

Friday, 16 May 2008

Ireceived the most wonderful package from Gilraen of Gilraensknits , I really don't kow how she managed to get so much into the parcel . The socks are so beautiful , warm and soft , I just love everything and it really brought joy with it .
Things have been a bit ' up and down ' here for a while, and it has been quite difficult to be cheerful . W has had the last of his ' radio active ' scans , and we are just waiting to find out how much damage has been done . He keeps active, but has to take life ' in the slow lane ' for now and it doesn't suit him at all .
We seem to have been sitting around in hospital waiting rooms for ever, and the only good thing that can be said is that I finished quite a few things off , and several people admired my Harmony needles .
We had a mini summer last week, wonderful weather, but wouldn't you know it , back to rain and wind , oh well , it was great whilst it lasted.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Monkey Sock Swap 4

I have joined in with Monkey Sock Swap 4, and looking forwards to all of the fun :

Questionnaire :

Shoe size , UK5
Foot length , 8.75 inches
foot circumference , 8.5 inches.

My favourite colours are reds , blues and greens.

What colours clash with my wardrobe ? anything neon .

I like solids and variegated .

I don't have a favourite sock yarn , but I prefer wool to acrylics.

I would like any brand of wool .

The Cookie A patterns I would like are :- Thelonious, German Stocking or Millicent.

I am allergic to pet hair.

The knitting will not be subject to pet hair or smoke .

I live in England

I would ship to any other country .

Friday, 14 December 2007

what do you think of my baby ? I had to take her outside for her to be photographed as it was too dark inside ( please ignore that the garden fairy has been too much of a slut to pack the garden furniture away ) I re- birthed her from a berenguer doll , she is weighted to 8.5 lbs . The dress took an age to knit but hopefully it was worth it . She is being raffled in aid of the Ambucopter. I donated one last year and he raised enough to keep the ambucopter flying for an hour , that is two lives that hopefully were saved. I am hoping this little poppet can raise enough for at least two hours in the air. She is at the Ambucopter charity shop in Spalding.

There , that is my advertisement over for the day .
Things here at the madhouse were going quite well for a while , and then we have had just about everything that the fates could throw at us . At least the house is habitable again , most of the soot and thick grey dust have been cleaned away and we are almost back to normal ,( whatever normal is in this house .)
The money pit ( my birthday car , joke ) is still devouring cash at an alarming rate , it would have been so much cheaper to just go out an buy a new one , I shouldn't be a bit surprised if W decided that the garage needs central heating installed.
On the knitting front I have been finishing off ufo's ( boring ) , but , I am waiting for a delivery of special wool , it is black with a fleck in it , and it is going to be a full length coat when it grows up . It should be quite challenging, not the knitting , but I am going to line it , and I am a bit like a cow with a gun when it comes to sewing things .It is bitterly cold here now, and I am just going to cast on for a pair of felted slippers .

Monday, 5 November 2007

You are never too old

Well , I really thought that I had just about done it all ! Well , I did until about 15 minutes ago . W has almost stripped the car down now, he just needed to take out the windscreen . That is where I came in . Apparently I am too clumsy to ' catch ' it as it 'popped ' out , also, W said, I was smaller than him . Where was this leading ? I can now divulge that the easiest way to get a windscreen out is for 'somebody' to sit in the passenger seat , back 'braced' , feet up at the top of the screen , pressing whilst 'walking' across the screen . I couldn't quite reach ( not having very long legs ) , but was told that I couldn't stop as the screen was half out . I ended up sprawled across the seats with my feet over the steering wheel in a very inelegant position. It has been over 30 years since my last child was born , but that brought it all back ................ I am now going to frog a hemlock shawl to calm myself down .