Monday, 5 November 2007

You are never too old

Well , I really thought that I had just about done it all ! Well , I did until about 15 minutes ago . W has almost stripped the car down now, he just needed to take out the windscreen . That is where I came in . Apparently I am too clumsy to ' catch ' it as it 'popped ' out , also, W said, I was smaller than him . Where was this leading ? I can now divulge that the easiest way to get a windscreen out is for 'somebody' to sit in the passenger seat , back 'braced' , feet up at the top of the screen , pressing whilst 'walking' across the screen . I couldn't quite reach ( not having very long legs ) , but was told that I couldn't stop as the screen was half out . I ended up sprawled across the seats with my feet over the steering wheel in a very inelegant position. It has been over 30 years since my last child was born , but that brought it all back ................ I am now going to frog a hemlock shawl to calm myself down .

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Gallery of Shame

A short while ago ,Knitting Daily were asking knitters how many ufo's they had . Tutley Mutley had under 10 , she posted photos of them all , and very nice they all were . I added up mine, 31, say it quickly Ronnie and it doesn't sound very many . I thought about asking W to photograph all of them , I have also thought about swimming the Channel , climbing the north face of the Eiger and dropping 2 sizes in clothes , none if them is going to happen , so I will just bite the bullet and list them :

Green Hemlock shawl.
Red Mountain Peaks Shawl.
Green Mountain Peaks Shawl.
Black Shetland Cobweb shoulder shawl
Wedding ring shawl
2 x E Z baby jackets
E Z surprise jacket
Peer Gynt jacket
Top down raglan sweater
Pink swallow tail shawl
brown swallow tail shawl
2 x Gnomes#3 x mice
8 x socks
felted clogs
felted slippers
Muir shawl
aran baby coat
peapod cardigan
knitted knitting bag
chanel type jacket
pomatus mitts
2 x scarf
another sock
mohair jacket
Christmas Roses cardigan
aran jacket
blue hemlock shawl

there are now 44 , I opened a few cupboards and they just sort of fell out . I really think that it is time to start FINISHING a few things , I am off to find a needle and some scissors .........

Yarn Sick

I am absolutely sick to my knitter's heart. We have been away for a while , collecting bits and pieces that W needed . This has entailed going from one end of the country to the other , and I had some vague idea that somewhere in the north east , was a whole warehouse filled with Italian yarn . Getting home at last , I looked up the exact location of such knitterly delights ..............we had passed by 4 times , it is 1/2 a mile from the dual carriageway ......... I still cannot quite believe my rotten luck . I have pointed out to W that he should have been able to smell it .... I have a cold and no sense of smell whatsoever , he pointed out that he doesn't have the same affinity to yarn , I then said that if it was covered in engine oil he would have tracked it down ! end of conversation .