Monday, 10 September 2007

I got the cutest birthday card from my secret monkey sock swap pal , and the greatest stitch markers , amongst them are the three wise monkeys , although 'hear no evil' is already being used . This was such a lovely surprise , it will be great when I find out who she is . My monkey knitting is non existant at the moment , as I have had to order special yarn for her , and the post is so slow, goodness only knows when I will start knitting them .

The Hogwarts sock swap is now going well, I had a complete knitters block , starting several pairs , and discarding them , I can't show the one that I finally decided on until after the swap , hope she likes them . The photo is of a few of the different ones that I started before deciding , for various reasons , that they just weren't going to work.

I see that ISE5 is up and running , I don't think that I will sign up for it though, I still have 3 swaps running, and I am as unorganised as ever .
I haven't really knitted for about a fortnight , and so I have lots of catching up , all of those wonderful patterns and so little time ...............