Saturday, 22 March 2008

Monkey Sock Swap 4

I have joined in with Monkey Sock Swap 4, and looking forwards to all of the fun :

Questionnaire :

Shoe size , UK5
Foot length , 8.75 inches
foot circumference , 8.5 inches.

My favourite colours are reds , blues and greens.

What colours clash with my wardrobe ? anything neon .

I like solids and variegated .

I don't have a favourite sock yarn , but I prefer wool to acrylics.

I would like any brand of wool .

The Cookie A patterns I would like are :- Thelonious, German Stocking or Millicent.

I am allergic to pet hair.

The knitting will not be subject to pet hair or smoke .

I live in England

I would ship to any other country .